Service Animals on Campus

Students with disabilities who require the use of service animals are permitted to bring such animals on campus provided they do not pose a substantial and direct threat to health or safety of others, and provided that the presence of the animal does not constitute a fundamental alteration to the nature of Willamette’s policies, practices, or procedures, including Willamette’s academic requirements.

Students wishing to utilize a service animal in campus housing are encouraged take the following steps:

  1. Review Willamette's Service Animal Guidelines for detailed information on bringing service animals to campus. 
  2. We encourage students to contact the Residence Life and Housing office at 503-370-6212 to register their animal prior to arrival. Students who choose to register their animal will be asked for information included in this sample registration form.
  3. Review the Service Animal Owner Responsibilities in Campus Residences document.

We also encourage those students to contact the Office of Accessible Education Services at 503-370-6737.

Emotional Support Animals in Campus Residences

Under the Fair Housing Act (FHA), a person with a disability may keep an emotional support animal (ESA) in the individual’s dwelling when there is an established need for the therapeutic nature of the animal that is connected to the individual’s disability. Refer to Willamette's Emotional Support Animal Guidelines to learn about ESAs and the process of requesting ESAs in campus residences. A student may qualify for this accommodation if: (1) the student has a documented disability; (2) the animal is necessary to afford the student with the disability an equal opportunity to use and enjoy their dwelling; (3) there is an identifiable and documented nexus between the disability and the assistance that the animal provides. The Residence Life and Housing office will be in contact regarding ESA responsibilities and registration upon approval from Accessibility Education Services.

The following forms are referenced in the Emotional Support Animal Guidelines and are used in the process of requesting an ESA:

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Accessible Education Services

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