Disability Housing Accommodations

How to Request Housing Accommodations

Follow the Housing Accommodation Request Process to request disability-related housing accommodations. After reviewing the request process, please complete the Housing Accommodation Request Form and return it to the Accessible Education Services office. Please allow adequate time to process requests that may require Accessible Education Services to contact your medical provider. 

Accessible Education Services seeks to ensure consistency in evaluating requests while simultaneously exploring each individual situation before making recommendations to Housing & Conferences. It is our practice to determine the housing accommodation that provides the most traditional Willamette college experience. The learning environment and residential living are central to the Willamette University experience and mission. On-campus residences provide out-of-class living and learning spaces where socializing occurs; they are not the primary resource for studying. (See WU study areas.)

The process for seeking housing accommodations due to disability can be lengthy. We encourage you to submit your request as early as possible. If submitted less than a month in advance of move-in or housing selection, the request will still be considered, but options for accommodation will be considerably more limited. Approval may take longer if the documentation does not fully support the request as necessary due to a disability.

Emotional Support Animals in Campus Residences

Under the Fair Housing Act (FHA), a person with a disability may keep an emotional support animal (ESA) in the individual’s dwelling when there is an established need for the therapeutic nature of the animal that is connected to the individual’s disability.  Student requests for an ESA should be submitted more than a month before the move-in date. If the request is submitted less than a month prior to move-in dates, the request will be considered but cannot be guaranteed. Refer to Willamette's Emotional Support Animal Guidelines to learn about ESAs and the process of requesting ESAs in campus residences. A student may qualify for this accommodation if: (1) the student has a documented disability; (2) the animal is necessary to afford the student with the disability an equal opportunity to use and enjoy their dwelling; (3) there is an identifiable and documented nexus between the disability and the assistance that the animal provides.

The following forms are referenced in the Emotional Support Animal Guidelines and are used in the process of requesting an ESA:

Dietary Accommodations

If you have not contacted Lindsey Leisinger, Bon Appétit’s Food Service Director, please do so as she can assist in helping to minimize and/or eliminate exposure to allergies. Lindsey can be reached by email at lleisinger@willamette.edu or phone at 503-754-1654.

Requests for dietary accommodation through Accessible Education Services (AES) will not be determined or fully considered without a meeting or conversation with Lindsey, and a good faith effort to see if Bon Appetit can accommodate your dietary restrictions with an existing meal plan. Accessible Education Services uses the housing accommodation request process (see above) for modifications to meal plans for disability-related reasons as it is part of room and board.

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