Disbursement Schedule

Accounts Payable no longer prints and mails checks on site. Starting October 15, 2019, the University implemented Wells Fargo's Payment Manager service. All checks are now printed and mailed from the Wells Fargo processing center in Tempe, Arizona.

Normal Payment Schedule

Payments are released within five business days of submission of a fully approved and complete payment request.

  • ACH/Direct Deposit (typical delivery in 2-6 business days) Direct Deposit is processed immediately after payments are released, and deposited into the recipient’s bank account the following business day.
  • Paper checks (typical delivery in 7-11 business days) Paper checks are mailed the following business day after payments are released. We cannot predict the mail delay, but checks typically arrive at their intended address about a week after they are mailed.
  • Check pick up (typically available in 10-12 business days). Paper checks are mailed back to the University, where an employee contacts the payee and holds the check for pickup.

Rush requests

Rush requests submitted by 8:30am are released the same business day if the rush request is approved.

  • Rush ACH/Direct Deposit is processed immediately and is deposited into the recipient’s bank account the following business day.
  • Rush paper checks: The processing center in Tempe, Arizona mails checks the following business day. Considering mail time, the check will be received about a week after release.
  • Overnight delivery is available for checks, but overnight delivery costs are charged back to the department. At best, overnighted rush requests are delivered two business days after the rush request is submitted.

ACH/Direct Deposit is always the fastest means of delivery.

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