Event Request Form

Book Blitz the Bearcat for your event!
Things to consider when booking Blitz:
  • Event date, time, and location
  • Please reserve a "resting room" for Blitz. A private room (not a restroom) needs to be near the event so Blitz can take periodic breaks
  • Cost: Blitz charges $10 an hour for appearances and events
  • Timing: please submit your request at least two weeks before your event. Last minute requests will be considered, but might not be accommodated due to Blitz's busy schedule

Blitz the Bearcat's Bio and Stats:

  • Name: Blitz the Bearcat
  • Age: 24 in bearcat years
  • Height: 6’4”
  • Weight: 300lbs
  • Shoe Size: Pretty dang big
  • Birthplace: Southeast Asia
  • Major/Minor: Interspecies Communication
  • Current Residence: Willamette University
  • Hobbies: Dancing, playing taiko drums, cheering for the Willamette University Bearcats, hugs, high fives, gymnastics, and cooking.
  • Role Model: Barney the Bearcat
  • Facebook Profile: Blitz-the Bearcat


  • Movie: Bad News Bears
  • Food: Buffalo Chicken Wrap from Goudy Commons
  • Colors: Cardinal and Old Gold
  • Song: We Will Rock You by Queen
  • Music: Rock, Hip Hop, Classical, and Polka (a little country music as well, but not too much)
  • Place to hang out: the Oregon Zoo (in Portland!)

Check me out on Facebook: Blitz-the Bearcat

Questions about booking Blitz? Contact Blitz Coordinator, Mariam Baig, or Advisor, Emily Morris at blitz-mascot@willamette.edu