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    Men's Rugby

    Sport Clubs offer students with opportunities to learn new skills, be active, and build community.

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    Dance Team

    Sport Clubs offer students with opportunities to learn new skills, be active, and build community.

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    Women's Rugby

    Sport Clubs offer students with opportunities to learn new skills, be active, and build community.

Sport Clubs

Sport clubs are student run organizations that offer competitive, recreational, or instructional opportunities to the student body.

Competitive sport clubs generally are associated with a regional or national league and have extensive travel. Recreational sport clubs are focused on campus and provide opportunities to recreate on campus in a safe environment. Instructional sport clubs provide skill building within a an activity and generally have an instructor guiding sessions or practices.

Below is the list of Willamette University Sport Clubs. Don't see one that you like? No problem! It's easy to start one. Just visit the Campus Recreation Office in Montag to get the necessary paperwork.

Paradigm Choreography

Paradigm strives to bring an urban/hip-hop community to campus for students to express themselves and present professional level performances.

Matthew Wei  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


Our purpose is to give the Willamette University community access to outdoor recreation and the environment of the Pacific Northwest. The group is committed to outdoor and environmental education to encourage participants to pursue interests in the outdoors. The Outdoor program will build campus unity, while providing an opportunity to get outdoors.

Grace Graham  Derek Lund  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


The purpose is to be an organization where members can compete against each other and enhance their skills as badminton players.

Ashley Nguyen  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  

Campus Golf Club

The mission of this organization shall be to create a community that can enjoy on-campus golf. We aim to reach all levels of play and hope to build a community on campus that fosters the modified sport of golf.

Kyle Watson  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


The purpose of the WU Cheer squad is to provide enthusiasm, spirit, and entertainment at Willamette sporting events on campus. We perform at home football games during the fall semester and home basketball games at the beginning of spring semester.

Monica Gray  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


The club supports recreational climbing pursuits including indoor climbing gym, outdoor guided climbing, and promotes safe climbing habits/practices by planning and offering climbing outings and events.

Grace Graham  Derek Lund  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


The purpose of the Dance Team is to unite students who have an interest in dance, promote spirit and to perform for the student body, staff and alumni.

Kayana Barrier  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  

Equestrian Club

The purpose of this club is to get students involved with horses. The club focuses on putting care first and working together to increase communication, responsibility, and patience. Club members volunteer with the community groups that use horses to help others.

Klaudia Maciag  Advisor: Kaitlyn Rice  


The Kayak Club was organized to bring WU students together who enjoy kayaking and/or would like to learn more about it. Whether you enjoy sea or river kayaking there is a place here for you.

Grace Graham  Derek Lund  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  

Marathon Club

Students interested in completing a full or half marathon have the opportunity to get training guides that will help them reach their goals and the club's to run marathons collectively and successfully.

Sophie Johnson  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


Men's Rugby, formally known as Willamette Rugby Football Club, is the rugby team at Willamette University. We play a challenging schedule in both the fall and spring semesters, and tour all over the country - from home games at McCulloch Stadium to campuses across the Northwest and California plus international tours in Canada and Ireland. Students with any ability level are welcome! Live your golden years playing the greatest sport in the world, and forming friendships you'll have the rest of your life. Practices are Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 4:30pm on the Quad and Fridays at 4:30pm on Brown Field. GO BEARCATS!!

John Gray  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


To provide players with a more competitive soccer environment than intramurals provides, without being at the extreme level of collegiate varsity sport.

Angus Williams  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  

Nerf Club

The Nerf Club fosters a safe, friendly, social, and inclusive community centered around the Nerfing hobby.

Mitchell Lee  

Outdoor Program

The Outdoor Program aims to provide students with accessible opportunities to engage in outdoor recreation.

Grace Graham  


The purpose of this organization is to create an opportunity for Willamette students to enjoy the sport of skiing and snowboarding on a periodic basis while enjoying the outdoors.

Grace Graham  Derek Lund  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


This club exists to play Ultimate Frisbee and lots of it. Group members strive to develop skills, play in intercollegiate games and tournaments and to have fun in every weather condition.

Brandon Kennedy  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


This organization seeks to gather women of Willamette University to play competitive indoor volleyball.

Kiana Tom  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


This organization is designed to provide the WU community with a more competitive soccer environment than intramurals provides, without being at the extreme level of a colligate varsity sport.

Dania Chawkins  Izzy Lilly  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


Our purpose at Willamette University is to provide women with a fun and athletic pastime outside of the varsity sports. By participating in women's rugby, students have a chance to participate in an interesting sport and get involved in the Willamette community.

Mari Moore  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou  


The goal of the yoga club is to provide a loving and supportive environment where students can feel free to be themselves, make mistakes, fall… all in the process of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. It is a place where students can clear their minds of everything they have to do, gaining and increasing awareness of their minds and bodies and letting out their day to day stress in a positive and healthful way.

Cassandra Cane  Advisor: Kostantinos Efstathiou