Sport Clubs

Sport clubs are student run organizations that offer competitive, recreational, or instructional opportunities to the student body.

Competitive sport clubs generally are associated with a regional or national league and have extensive travel. Recreational sport clubs are focused on campus and provide opportunities to recreate on campus in a safe environment. Instructional sport clubs provide skill building within an activity and generally have an instructor guiding sessions or practices.

Below is the list of Willamette University Sport Clubs. Don't see one that you like? No problem! It's easy to start one. Just visit the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership in the UC to get the necessary paperwork.

Badminton Club

The purpose is to be an organization where members can compete against each other and enhance their skills as badminton players.

Ada Rickard  Advisor: Lucas Ettinger  

Basketball Club

A club where that meets weekly to practice and/or play basketball, and will compete as a group outside of the Willamette community.

Reese Hamilton  Advisor: Quinn Nottage  

Men's Rugby Club

Men's Rugby plays a challenging schedule in both the fall and spring semesters, and tour all over the country - from home games at McCulloch Stadium to campuses across the Northwest and California. Students with any ability level are welcome! Live your golden years playing the greatest sport in the world, and forming friendships you'll have the rest of your life. GO BEARCATS!!

Aiden Schubert  Advisor: Quinn Nottage  

Men's Soccer Club

The Men’s Soccer Club provides students the opportunity to play competitive soccer.

Forrest Davis  Advisor: Quinn Nottage  

Nerf Club

The Nerf Club fosters a safe, friendly, social, and inclusive community centered around the Nerfing hobby.

Emma Innes  Advisor: Quinn Nottage  

Pickleball Club

Pickleball Club is open to all who would like to play Pickleball a few times a week.

Kiera Atkinson  Advisor: Raechelle Mascarenhas  

Rock Climbing Club

An inclusive and safe place to work out in a non-traditional way. Club activities include on-campus meetings, organized trips to the local climbing gym in Salem, trips to larger climbing gyms in Portland, outdoor trips in cooperation with the Outdoor program, and trips to other colleges in the Pacific Northwest that have climbing areas.

Marcus Verner  Advisor: Andrew Duncan  

Taekwondo Club

The mission of Taekwondo Club is to provide a place for college students to safely practice and improve in taekwondo.

Anders Webb  Advisor: Quinn Nottage  

Tennis Club

A non-competitive club for people wanting to play tennis. Meets twice a week as weather permits. Club members can come with any skill level to rally, play matches, or even learn new strokes and the rules of the game.

Grace Corsac  Advisor: Annette Hulbert  

Ultimate Frisbee

This club exists to play Ultimate Frisbee and lots of it. Group members strive to develop skills, play in intercollegiate games and tournaments and to have fun in every weather condition.

Sawyer Garrison  Advisor: Quinn Nottage  

Volleyball Club

This organization seeks to gather students of Willamette University to play volleyball and increase their skills in the sport.

Anushka Srivastav  Advisor: Quinn Nottage  

Willamette Rugby Football Club

Our purpose at Willamette University is to promote the love of rugby in a positive and fun manner by providing women, non-binary, and transgender folks with a fun and athletic pastime outside of varsity sports. By participating in Willamette Rugby Football Club, students have a chance to participate in a unique sport and get involved in the Willamette community.

Mary Vickery   Advisor: Quinn Nottage  
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