Though bike shop services are limited at this time, all members of the Willamette community are invited to bring their bikes to the Bike Shop for basic repair work or to use the program's workspace and tools.

This is a learning lab environment, meaning our techs have some basic bike maintenance skills to aid you in your repairs of your own bike, but they are not officially trained bike mechanics.   

Please email or drop by our space in Montag to learn more about the Bike Shop program, its services, and its open hours.

Give us Feedback!

We appreciate all kinds of feedback to help make the Bike Shop a beneficial resource on campus!

Give us Feedback

Office Hours

Bike shop tools are available during Montag Desk Hours.
For bike repairs or assistance: Email 
Bike Shop to set up an appointment. 


  • Fixing Flats
  • Adjusting Brakes
  • Wheel Alignment
  • and Much More

Our Learning lab style means we teach you about your bike while we fix it together!

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