Campus Recreation Outdoor Programs

Outdoor Program

If you're a student organization, a university department, or a student, faculty, or staff member, our Willamette Outdoor Program can help plan your trip or just simply rent you the gear you need.

Our Program seeks to help individuals become aware of what options they have to recreate outdoors and provides resources for beginners to learn how to step out of their comfort zones and have new experiences

Visit us in the Montag Center to sign up for a trip, rent outdoor equipment, or to use our Bike Shop.


The Bike Shop program was on hiatus since 2018.  With the motivation of some students and staff the program is being resurrected.  Now the bike shop is currently working through our COVID-19 policies and procedures.  At this time our program offerings are limited.  Please email to ask questions about our bike shop program.  Please stay tuned for further details as we work to rebuild the program.   

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