Outdoor Program Trips

The Outdoor Program Trips provide a unique opportunity to leave the stresses of campus life behind you as you explore some of Oregon's best scenery. All registrations for outings are taken in the Outdoor Program office in Montag. All outings are open to the Willamette University students only. All trips planned for this year are listed below. Individual trips are planned and organized by the Outdoor Program Coordinators and are designed to meet student interest. If you interested in any of the trips below, be sure to register as close to the opening date for that registration. We are limited to specific numbers of participants for each outing, so they tend to fill quickly! For more information on these outings, contact the Outdoor Program.

NOTE: There are no refunds for any trips.

Trip Categories

Challenge Series

Are you looking to challenge yourself in the outdoors? Have you always wanted to experience the personal rewards of climbing a mountain or hiking for an entire day? Join us on our Challenge Series which consists of day hikes that range from 8 to 20 miles roundtrip. 

Day Hikes 

Day hikes with the Outdoor Program range from 2 to 8 miles roundtrip usually to an impressive viewpoint. Our day hikes are less strenuous than those in the Adventure Series , however, you will get some exercise and have an adventure nonetheless!


Our backpacking trips are 2 or more days in length and include 3 to 10 miles per day with a backpack that usually weighs around 30lbs and contains all your food and camping gear. You and the group will hike to a destination, cook and camp there, and hike to a new destination the next day. 


Our outdoor climbing trips are lead by professional guides who will teach you the basics of top-rope climbing at world famous destinations. Our indoor climbing trips will give you the opportunity to practice top-roping and bouldering in an indoor setting. 


Hop into one of our kayaks and learn some basic paddling skills that will aid you in exploring rivers, lakes, and estuaries. Kayaking is a fantastic way to see gorgeous scenery and wildlife and to stretch your arms!

Ski & Snowboard

Our Ski & Snowboard trips go to Mt. Hood Meadows for a full day on the mountain. These trip costs include transportation to and from the mountain and participants are responsible for providing their own gear and purchasing a lift ticket. 

Beyond these primary categories, we also offer other trips including Oregon Zoo, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Christmas lights viewing, yurting, stand up paddleboarding, hot springs, horseback riding, white water rafting, whale watching and more!