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Waivers & Dietary Needs


Please complete your required documents when you receive them in the registration confirmation email from us. This documentation is important for us to manage the risks and create the safest possible experience.

If you are not yet 18 by the program start date, you will need a parent, guardian, or caretaker present with you when you complete the waiver. A student of age 18 or older can complete the documentation yourself.

You can also use this link to access the Waiver, Health Disclosure, & Dietary Restrictions/Food Accommodations Form.

Email with any questions.

Dietary Needs

It is our goal to keep you well-fed, hydrated, and energized for our experiences. Your body will be working daily in the outdoors through hiking, walking, paddling, backpacking, playing games, and other fun experiences. Your team will work daily to cook and prepare warm meals for breakfast and dinner for the entire team. Lunches are typically fixings, where we supply a variety of sandwich components, trail mixes, and snacks that meet your needs while on the trail. We also provide snacks throughout the day to help keep up the energy. Your leaders will provide thorough cooking directions, ingredients, spices, and cooking supplies to allow your team to create nourishing and delicious meals. Cooking in the field is a great bonding experience. Please bring your own bowl, cup, and spoon for the trip! See the packing list for details.

Please understand we are in an outdoor environment and unable to keep items refrigerated. We have worked hard with many outdoor industry companies and organizations and have secured a menu that will support most if not all dietary restrictions, accommodations, and even the picky eater. The only way we can completely support you is by disclosing your needs to us in the documentation provided above. Please be open and honest and will make sure you have food that you can eat while in the Steppin’ Out programs.

If you are uncertain or would like to talk about specifics, please contact us at so we can be prepared to support you and provide alternative options. Lastly, you can always bring your own comfort snacks and food to the experience that would help supplement you and keep up your energy for the experience. Please eat and stay hydrated during this experience.

For hydration, we ask that you have a water system that can hold 32 to 64 oz or more of water a day. You can bring camelbacks, water bladders, water bottles, or any system you desire that works for you. All we ask is that they are durable enough to withstand the rigors of being outside and jostled around. If you desire hot or warm drinks in the morning we recommend an insulated cup or device that can handle those temperatures.

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