Teaching and Training: K-12

If you are interested in becoming a teacher gaining experience early on will allow you to determine factors such as the age range and subject that you would like to teach. This page will assist you in navigating areas such as credentialing, experiential learning, and continuing education.

How do I become a Teacher? 

There are several options to become a teacher depending on what grade levels you are interested in teaching and the state you'd like to work in. Most states require at least a bachelor's degree to work in the classroom and if you are interested in working in public schools you must be licenced or certified. 

Many students interested in teaching earn their credential through continued education while others pursue alternative options and programs.

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Licensing and Credentialing Information (West Coast)

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Experiential Learning Opportunities

Gaining experience in a classroom setting, or experience instructing groups of students before you graduate will make you a competitive applicant for jobs and graduate school programs. The following local organizations provide opportunities to gain this experience:

Alternative Opportunities for Certification

There are alternative options to begin teaching while pursuing a teaching credential simultaneously through programs like:

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