Clarence Morton Bishop

(1878 - 1969)

Harriet Broughton Bishop

(1898 - 1988)

The Bishop Family Organ is a gift of the C.M. Bishop, Jr., family in memory of Clarence Morton Bishop and Harriet Broughton Bishop.

In 1942, Clarence M. Bishop was elected to the Board of Trustees of Willamette University. His service to the university continued a family tradition begun by his father, C.P. Bishop, noted pioneer merchant and community benefactor who was a member of the board for almost half a century.

C.M. Bishop served on the Endowment Committee during his tenure with the board, and played a significant role in decisions which led to the fund's growth. In 1967 C.M. Bishop became the first Life Member of the board and served the University in that role until his death on July 11, 1969. Willamette President G. Herbert Smith wrote: "Clarence Bishop's great loyalty to Willamette and the strength that he has brought to the board during the time that I have been here have been of the highest order."

Harriet Broughton Bishop was born and raised in Dayton, Washington. The Broughtons were a pioneer family in Columbia County. She graduated from Smith College (1918) and she and Mr. Bishop were married in 1922. Mrs. Bishop was a close confidant, consultant and supporter of her husband. She was a good citizen of the Portland community through her lifetime.

The Bishop Family Organ joins the Bishop Wellness Center, Bishop Plaza and the president's house as tangible evidence of the family's commitment to Willamette.

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