Every Thursday while CAS is in session from 11:30-12:30 in Cone Chapel (Waller Hall).

About Convocation

Convo: Campus/Community/Cosmos 

Convocation is a weekly discussion or panel on issues of significance in our community. This event is facilitated by The Office of the Chaplains in conjunction with the class IDS 220 (Convo: Campus/Community/Cosmos). Topics of convocation range from allyship to gentrification to an inside look at the dairy industry. Everyone's invited to bring their beliefs to the table! (feel free to bring your lunch too), 

Due to COVID-19, the University Convocation series has moved online. Join us on Zoom Here

A History of Convocation

"In the 1960's, with seismic changes in American society and culture and fewer students identifying as religious, Willamette replaced daily, mandatory chapel attendance with a weekly secular Convocation.

Where the university chaplain once selected topics for Convocation, Wallace created the Convo class in the 1990's to get students involved with the interdisciplinary event. Class members now plan, publicize and host convo. They research issues that academia can and should address, and they invite on- and off-campus speakers, musicians or other performers — often ones with a spiritual or ethical message.

'When students pick the topics, they genuinely own them — from the conception to the process to the actual execution of the Convocation,' says Chaplain Karen Wood. 'Their reflection papers are thoughtful, self-critical and often takes them to places for further exploration.'" (Owen and Kuhn 2016, full article)

Collage of past convo posters

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