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Brand Pillars

Our brand pillars represent the core outward-facing aspects of our university.

These are the touchstones of our brand. These pillars should be considered in all outward-facing communication and design. Any communications that contradict these concepts would be considered off-brand.



Willamette is a heritage brand with a strong history, but our history is far from the end of the story. We’ve always been forward-thinking and forward-acting. Deeply rooted in theory and practice, we’re unafraid to start something new. Brand elements should inspire trust in our longevity and confidence in our innovative mindset.



Willamette is constantly pushing knowledge forward and seeking new ways to apply intellectual innovations in the wider world. This deep inquisitiveness, and its dynamic nature, should be apparent throughout our brand.



Though all brand elements should communicate excellence, they should not convey arrogance or stodginess, but must instead show the deep authenticity and earnestness that lies at the core of Willamette University.



From the heart of Oregon, Willamette’s ideas have the capacity to impact the larger region, nation and world through our interconnected network. As a community-minded institution, we strengthen individuals through connection. Our supportive community and expansive network should be communicated throughout our brand.

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