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Brand Guidelines

Your guide to mastering the Willamette University Brand

Be the Brand — An Introduction

Willamette University’s brand is the product of many different factors that create an overall impression of our university in people’s minds. Our brand image is the way people think, feel and respond when they hear or see the words “Willamette University.”

Every aspect of our university — the academic experience, campus life, student services, alumni and donor relations, and the way we interact with each other and the broader community — must align with that image. Each one of us is a brand ambassador, and every internal and external contact can either strengthen the Willamette University brand or cause it to lose some of its luster and prestige.

This guide contains the foundational strategic structures of our brand. I encourage you to use it not just to inform marketing efforts, but also whenever you make decisions that affect your area of responsibility.

One of the ways we can continue to build and protect our brand is by using communication elements correctly and consistently. You’ll find useful tools and information within the visual identity system section of this guide. All Willamette University employees, suppliers and partners are responsible for complying with these identity standards.

Utilizing these guidelines and resources will help you communicate your message in a way that’s compelling to your audiences, distinctive from our peers and true to our identity as an institution.

Willamette University Marketing & Communications



A brand is often referred to as a promise or set of expectations you bring to the marketplace.

Setting the

Voice and Tone

Our voice is dynamic, smart, bold and authentic.

Not unto ourselves


Our University motto embodies our values. New students may not immediately understand its full meaning when they see it, but over the course of their time at Willamette, its meaning will continue to grow and become a part of who they are. Our alumni embody the ideals of these words and hold them close long after graduation.

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