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Key Messaging/Examples

A brand is often referred to as a promise or set of expectations you bring to the marketplace. It answers the question, “what’s in it for me?” In the case of potential students, we promise a modern academic experience that prepares them for a 21st-century career.

The Willamette experience equips students with the intellectual habits and skills necessary to face these new realities. Innovation and original ideas are often found at the intersection of multiple fields of study and varied perspectives. Willamette University’s multi-disciplinary approach, interactive curriculum and real-world experiences equip students with the ability to adapt, create, collaborate and view challenges through multiple lenses. These skills represent a valuable piece of a much broader, more relevant education for the tomorrow that awaits.

  • The Birth of an Innovative Leader (Brand Position)

    Willamette was the first university in the west at a time when the westernmost state was Missouri. Since our inception, we’ve embraced the role of innovative leader, creating a new model for higher education that focuses not on the here and now, but on what lies ahead.

    Free from the norms of traditional universities, we were able to imagine an academic experience that was more meaningful, more relevant and more inclusive — and better at preparing our graduates for a future that was wide open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. We instilled in our students this same fearless desire to think beyond conventional wisdom, imagine different realities, lean into uncertainty and never be afraid to go first. It’s a desire that burns as brightly as ever today.

  • Why the Willamette Experience is Different (Brand Promise)

    Our faculty work collaboratively to create a learning environment that will enhance your ability to connect concepts across disciplines. It’s along these crossroads that original ideas and creative inspiration are often found. Even as you immerse yourself in your chosen major, you’ll be exposed to the arts, the humanities, technology, and the social and natural sciences.

    You’ll soon develop an enlightened outlook born of the ability to view things from multiple perspectives. You’ll emerge with a holistic, integrated view of concepts and methods, empowering you to think in broader, more original ways.

  • Learn to Generate Industry-Crossing Ideas (Primary Benefit)

    Willamette University is where areas of study converge and collide. Learn to generate industry-crossing ideas that push the edge of knowledge. Each of our major areas of study is designed to help you turn your knowledge into action through co-curricular engagement, professional exploration, informational interviews and networking.

    • Science, technology, engineering & math
    • Business & entrepreneurship
    • Education, counseling & youth development
    • Public service, law non-profit & NGOs
    • Healthcare & public health
    • Creative arts, media & communications

    Dual-Degree Programs

    Study the connections between disciplines that generate original ideas with our dual-degree programs. Students interested in pursuing a JD or MBA can enroll in our dual-degree programs to earn both their undergraduate and graduate degrees on one campus, and take fewer years to do it — just five for the BA and MBA, or six for the BA and JD.

  • Go Beyond Theory (How We Do It)

    Participate in a tradition of inventive education. Conduct applied research. Get experience in the field that allows you to practice what you learn in the classroom out in the world. Learn how to transform knowledge into action.


    Willamette students have countless opportunities for career preparation and experience during their undergraduate years. We’ll help you find internships that fit your unique goals and lay the groundwork for the career you want.

    Undergraduate research

    Do graduate-level research as an undergraduate. Graduate more than ready for grad school or the job market.

    Volunteer work

    Connect what you learn in the classroom to community service and bring your education out into the world.

    Proximity to the capitol

    Learning in a state capital means being connected to the center. You have unprecedented access to state government and all of the cultural resources, like museums and archives, that make up the heart of our state.

  • Prepare to Lead in A Collaborative and Ever-Changing World (Outcome)

    Grow your community. Advocate for change. Gain global perspective. Network for your career.

    Global Perspective

    Willamette’s study abroad programs give you the opportunity to learn in more than 40 countries. Our partnership with Tokyo International University means that you can make global connections right here on campus.


    Our faculty aren't just your teachers. They become your lifelong mentors.


    Upon graduation you join an impressive group of alumni who have gone on to create groundbreaking work in a variety of fields including science, business, literature, the arts and technology. Our alumni network is strong and supportive, and your relationship with our faculty will continue long after graduation.


    Learn to be a changemaker well beyond your college years.

    A Community of Accomplishment

    Our alumni are sought after by employers and graduate schools alike for their ability to adapt, create, collaborate and tackle challenges from multiple perspectives. At Willamette, we’re building a broader, more relevant education for tomorrow.

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