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What Sets Us Apart

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Willamette is...


Willamette University is rooted in a history of creativity and inventiveness. We’re committed to rigorous education, excellent scholarship and original thinking. We believe that higher education must not only prepare students for the future, but also guide them toward innovating their own paths.


Willamette University is dedicated to our communities, both local and global. Our diversity makes us stronger, and we value every individual. We believe that ideas bring us together, and that caring for each other helps us live meaningful lives. Our achievement and ambitions empower us to serve others in an interconnected world.


Willamette University is a space where subjects converge and collide
to create new discoveries and new ways of thinking. We teach students to generate ideas across industries, preparing them for the careers of the future.


Willamette University is a place of practice, where students experience learning beyond the classroom with mentors who are actively engaged in their disciplines, industries and wider communities. By combining theory and practice, we transform knowledge into action.


Willamette University embraces diversity as central to an academic
experience that prepares students for tomorrow. We believe that diversity broadens our perspectives, enhances our social development, increases our experiential knowledge and better prepares us for collaboration in a global society. Diversity among our students, staff and faculty leads to a diversity of thought, as well as a genuine commitment to creating an inclusive environment that’s equally welcoming to all.

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