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Voice and Tone

Our voice is dynamic, smart, bold and authentic.

We’re confident, yet down-to-earth and personal. We shouldn’t sound institutional, stilted or overly authoritative. We choose to use shorter, more direct words to make our points clearly and succinctly. As you craft your messages, remember to:



Subtly embrace prestige and convey status as a premium brand through sophisticated design, copy and marketing strategies. In addition, don’t avoid direct on-brand competitive messaging or ownable status claims.



Today’s students want to optimize themselves. Messaging should convey how a Willamette education will guide students to becoming stronger, smarter and more accomplished versions of themselves, able to meet unique challenges and generate revolutionary thinking and practice in the world.



Convey a smart sense of humor through wit, cleverness and a bit of absurdity. Use sophisticated humor to defuse stressful situations and make applicants and students feel like a celebrated part of the Willamette community.

Be Your

Own Tradition

Embrace your heritage of firsts as a tradition of innovation. Show how Willamette traditions represent and are foundational to the forward-thinking nature of the university.

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