Especially as newsrooms shrink, interesting or important events and programs may not receive media attention. Timing, breaking news, recent related coverage and the nature and significance of the story are among the factors media outlets take into account when considering coverage.

In general, journalists are looking for news that is timely, relevant and unusual — a lecture by someone who is a household name, a scientific breakthrough, an exceptionally important national award or a program that ties closely to a national trend, to name a few.

If you believe your project or event is newsworthy, plan ahead, gather relevant information and share your news with media outlets.

Even if reporters aren’t interested in covering the program or event, your news might fit one of our campus publications, social media presences or website.

We’d like to hear about:

  • Research or coursework that could impact or interest the general public
  • Human interest and success stories about students, faculty or alumni
  • Well-known campus visitors
  • Important grants or awards for students or faculty
  • Major campus events that are open to the public
  • Activities that tie to something in the regional, national or international news

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