Social Media Contacts

Social media is the ultimate group-participation project.

Willamette community members populate hundreds of social accounts affiliated with the university.

If you have questions about Willamette’s social media, email or contact the following staff members.

Social Media Advisory Committee

The Social Media Advisory Committee (SMAC) is a subcommittee of the Digital and Web Governance Committee. SMAC originally met to formulate the university’s social media guidelines. These guidelines are a working document that changes as social media evolve.

SMAC brings together key individuals who manage the university’s social media to navigate the social and digital universe. Our intention is to use social media to enhance the Willamette experience, grow our community and realize the university’s mission in the world. We meet regularly to share resources, learn from one another’s experiences and broaden our knowledge of social media.

Anyone who produces content for social media accounts affiliated with the university may join the committee. Contact Tom Mayhall Rastrelli if interested. 

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