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Social Media at Willamette University

Welcome. We’re thrilled you’re interested in Willamette’s social media.

Willamette University encourages students, employees, parents, alumni, prospective students and community members to use social media to enhance learning, facilitate discussion, communicate news, build connections and strengthen the university community.

Get involved. Join the Willamette SuperFans. Follow the university’s accounts including our new TikTok account. Share your Willamette experience. Submit photos or news of universitywide interest for consideration. Apply to take over the university’s Snapchat account.

If you’re thinking of starting a new social media account affiliated with Willamette, let us know. Our staff is happy to help you form a plan to successfully navigate the virtual landscape.

If you’re a content producer or page administrator, please review the university’s social media guidelines, official avatars and visual resources, and best practices.

All behavior on social media affiliated with the university is governed by the social media guidelines that are based on existing university policies and rules for conduct. These are listed in the social media guidelines.

Thanks for helping us tell the Willamette story. See you online.

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