Computer Users:

When first navigating the Campus Bird site, you will see two tabs underneath the Willamette University logo titled Locations and Tours. The Locations tab will be open by default with a selection of categories that have clickable boxes.

Each category under the Locations tab can be clicked to extend a dropdown menu of all locations in that category. Click on a location’s title to focus the map on that location and to open window containing a description, images and other media related to the location.

To show all of the locations under a single category, click on the white box to the right of the category title (Academics, Dining, Service, etc.). You can select more than one  box to show multiple locations and categories simultaneously. For example, if you wanted to see the locations of residence halls as well as academic buildings, simply click on the Residences box and Academics box to show all locations under both categories.

For self-guided tours, click on the Tours tab. This opens the Tours menu. To select a tour, click on the title or image of a tour to open a description page with images and the tour’s path. To advance the tour, click on the arrow under the lower right corner of the map.

Mobile users:

When first entering the Campus Bird page there will be three horizontal lines at the top left corner of your device. Pressing those lines will open the main menu and the Locations and Tours tabs.

Under the Locations tab you will see a variety of categories such as Academics, Dining and Services. Tapping these categories opens a dropdown menu for different locations within those categories. Tapping the white box will highlight the locations in that category on the map. For information about a location, simply tap on the location. A description and images of the location will appear. To return to the main map, press the X button or the Map tab.

Tap on the Tours tab to open the tours menu. Tap on any of the tours to start a self-guided tour. To see the map, press on the Map button to show the tour guided lines. To get back to the tour details and images, press Details. The tour can be moved forward or backward by pressing the left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen. 

To share a tour or to share your location within a tour, click or tap the Share button underneath the Locations tab at the upper left corner of the screen. Copy and paste the URL for your current location on the tour or for the entire tour to send via text or email.

When first opening the map, certain categories are automatically selected for you.

  • Accessible parking
  • Academic Buildings
  • Building Labels
  • Gender Neutral Restrooms
  • Residence Halls

 You can select other categories by clicking or tapping on the white boxes next to locations and categories. To deselect a category, click or tap its corresponding checkmark.

The map can be navigated by clicking and holding the mouse’s button on a computer or pressing and dragging your finger around the screen on a mobile device. To zoom in, click the + or - icons on the upper right of the screen or use a mouse’s scroll button or pinch and spread your fingers on a mobile device.

To see your own location on a mobile device, press the circle button in the lower right corner.

How to print out a paper version of the map from a computer:

  • In the blue tabs above the map, click on Generate Print Map. (This is different from the printer icon that appears on the top right of the screen).
  • Choose what kind of orientation you want the map to be, either portrait or landscape.
  • Select the categories you want labeled on the printed map.
  • Move the map to fit inside the red square for printing. You can zoom in and out to make the selected area bigger or smaller.
  • Choose the type of file you want the map to be saved as — PDF or PNG.
  • Click Generate Print Map.

 The process may take awhile. When finished, the map will be saved to your  computer (in most cases, your Downloads folder). Click on the file and print to a selected printer.

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