If you have uploaded a file and the preview displays it as gibberish, it means that WebEdit does not recognize it as a file (such as jpg, pdf or doc).

This mistake occurs when as uploading a file, the system name written does not end in the extension of the file.

For example:

If the image getting uploaded from the computer has a long name, it is recommended that the name get changed to something simpler.

The file here had the original name of "IMG242431242.jpg".


The file name was then changed to "squidkite" in the system name field.


However, once the file uploads (and a green message indicates that the file or "asset" was successful created),

the preview only shows random characters.


This is because the ".jpg" was left out of the end of the system name.

Notice that the other images in the folder have the .jpg at the end of their names, but the new file does not.


To fix this, select the file that needs the file extension text and choose "Move/Rename".


At the end of the name, add the correct file extension.

Depending on the type of file, it can be: .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .docx, or .pdf.


Click Submit.


A green message will indicate that the Rename was saved, and the file should now be visible.


Please note that some browsers do not display doc or pdf files.

In these cases, the file will load as a blank window with the text "Content Render".

Although the file may not be visible, if there are no longer odd characters showing, this will indicate that the file will work correctly in the system.

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