Add a New Multi-Column Page

The most widely used page type on our website is called “Multi-Column Page.” This page type allows for one or two columns of content (in addition to the left navigation).

View a sample multi-column page

Create the page

Locate and select the folder where the new page should be added.

Before creating the new page, use the system tree to locate your department folder. Click on the department folder, or sub-folder in which you want your page added.

If you are unsure of where it should be placed, please contact for assistance.

Select the page type (template)

In the top navigation bar select the “Add Content” link.

In the top navigation bar near select the “Add Content” link.

From the fly-out menu, choose “Multi-Column Page.”

From the fly-out menu,  choose “Multi-Column Page.”

Name and set up the new folder

Folder Name: Enter a name for the new folder. This should be a shortened heading for the page that you are creating.

Follow these naming requirements: Lowercase letters only, word spaces replaced with hyphen, and leading and trailing spaces are not allowed. Numbers can be used, but no punctuation other than a dash.

Example: If your new page will have the heading “Program Information,” the folder name can be “program-information”

Placement Folder: This should be correct (if you started by selecting the folder where you want the new page placed).

Name and set up the new folder

Display Name: Enter the text that will be used to create the button/link in the left navigation.

Keep this text short: One to three words if possible. Use upper-case and lower-case letters and spaces to make it a readable link.

Examples: “Program Information” or “About Us”

Include Folder Contents in Nav: Defaults to “Yes” (adds a link to the left navigation for this new page).

Include Folder in Breadcrumbs: Defaults to “Yes” (adds the title of this page to the breadcrumbs on the new page).

Folder or Page is Password Protected: Defaults to “No.”
If the page needs to be password protected (requires login with Willamette credentials).

Important: Selecting “Yes” in this field does NOT password protect the page, it just puts a lock icon in the left navigation. Contact to add password-protection to a page.

Site Root Folder: Defaults to “No” (resets the left navigation at this page level).

Auxiliary Display Name: Leave blank

Setting up the new folder properties


Click the “Submit” button in the top right corner of the window. A new folder will be added to your site, along with an index (home) page.

submit to save

Spell Check

If no misspelled words are found, click the Check button to finish.

spell check

Learn how to add content to the new page

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