Copy an existing page

When creating a new page, it is sometimes easier to copy an existing one. This provides you with a "head start" on your new page, including text, some formatting, and even Metadata.

To do this, locate the folder that houses the page you wish to copy. Be sure to select the folder, not the page (see example circled below in the left navigation).

Select parent folder

Click the copy tab.

Copy tab

In the System Name field, type in the new system name for the folder.
Learn more about system names.

Change system name

Click on the parent folder icon to select a location for the new folder. A new window will appear.

Select new parent folder

In the new window, select the folder where you wish to locate the new folder (and included) page. Click confirm.

Confirm selection

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form. The green bar at the top of the navigation will indicate that the copy is successful.

Copy Task Successful

Click on the parent folder (where you put the copied folder) to refresh the list. Your new folder and page will show in the left folder listing.

Select folder

Click the new folder, then select the Edit tab and change the Display Name. This is the label that will show in the left navigation of your website. Click Submit to save.

Edit Display Name

Click the "index" page inside the new folder and edit.
Learn more about adding content to the page.

Edit index
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