Locate and Edit the file.

In the asset tree, locate the file you wish to update. Edit the file by selecting and clicking the Edit tab or using the Context menu (via the arrow to the right of the file).

Select edit on existing file

Have the revised file ready to upload and in a visible location.

Make sure that the revised file is in a visible location, such as the desktop.

Select file

Drag and drop file into WebEdit window.

Click and hold down the cursor over the file to grab it. Still grabbing the file, hover it over the WebEdit 'New File' window and release it to drop it in.

Drag and drop

Use the Browse button as an alternate method.

For those preferring a different uploading approach, you can use the traditional Browse button.

Do this by clicking the Browse button, locate the file in the popup window, and select it. Click the Open button to upload it.

Select new Image

Submit to save.

A confirmation will indicate that the file was received. Click the Submit button to finish updating your file.


A green bar at the top of the screen will indicate that your image was uploaded successfully.

What's the next step?

  • If the file is ready for your page, continue onto the tutorial on how to link to files in your content.
  • If the file is already connected to a page, simply publish the file to update it on the live site.
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