Uploading Files

As a general rule, documents should be uploaded into the folder with a specific file type designation (e.g., folders named "images," "pdf," or "doc").

If you do not see a folder with the file type designation, please contact us and we will assist you in finding the best location to upload your files.  For more details, please see our documentation on the importance of folder organization.

To upload one or more files

1. Click Add Content

Click Add Document

2. Select Default > File

Select Default > File

3. Optional: In the File Name field, enter a name for your file.

  • If you prefer to use the filename of the file you're uploading, leave this field blank and it will be filled automatically when a file is selected.
  • If uploading multiple files, the filenames will be used by default.

4. In the Placement Folder field, choose the folder where the file(s) should be uploaded.

  • Images (JPG, GIF, PNG files): Choose your site’s “images” folder
  • Documents (PDF, DOC, etc.): Choose your site’s “pdf” or “docs” folder
  • Important: Do not upload files into your site’s main (root) folder. They need to be stored in a sub-folder or they will show as blank links in your navigation.

5. Select one or more files to upload by clicking the Choose link or by dragging and dropping files from your computer into the dotted drop zone.

Choose folder and file(s) to upload

6. Click Save & Preview

Click Save & Preview

7. Click Submit

Click Submit

8. Click Submit

Click Submit

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