Locate the page you wish to edit.

If you just created a new page, select the index page inside the newly created folder and click the Edit icon near the top right corner of the page.

Select Index

Enter the page title & keywords

Display Name: Enter the page title

Example: Program Information

Keywords: Enter search phrases to help users find your page on the Willamette site

Example: squid program information, Squid Center, squid studies

Search Result and Page Title: Enter the page title. This is the text that will show on the Willamette search results screen.

Example: Program Information: Squid Center

Enter Display Name

Editing the page

Depending on the type of page you created, the editing form will look a little different. For basic pages that use the multi-column page layout, the editing form will appear as seen in the examples below.

Choose the number of columns for the page

In the “Page Options” section, “Number of Columns,” select the number of columns for content on the page. In the Multi-column page layout, a page may have one or two columns.

Learn more about adding content to Column 2.

Select Number of Columns

The most common page layout has one or two columns (the left navigation is not counted as one of the page columns). For best presentation, the contents of Column 2 should not exceed the length of the content in Column 1.

Example Multicolumn Page

Column 1 should contain your main/most important information. Column 2 can be used to display additional text, images and calls-to-action (buttons), just be sure to note that information in Column 2 will be moved below Column 1 content on mobile devices (see mobile screen capture below).

Mobile Multicolumn Page

Page Options

Leave the “Headline” button selected; unless a link needs to be added to the headline text.

Intro Text: Select this checkbox to add introductory text to the page. This text will show just below the page headline, in a larger, italicized, serif font.

Change Page Options

(Preview of the page intro text.)

Multicolumn Page

Enter the page content.

In the Column 1, Content area, enter in your content.

Learn about adding and formatting text in the WYSIWYG.

*What's a WYSIWYG?

Column 1 Content

Optional: Enter content in Column 2

Learn more about adding content to column 2.

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