Locate the page you wish to edit and click the edit icon.

Select Index

Change the number of columns

In the Page Options > Number of Columns section, select “2” from the drop-down menu.

Enter Display Name

Enable Feature Areas

In the Page Options section, select the Feature Areas to include in Column 2 by checking the box(es).

Each feature area may contain any/all of the following:

  • Image (with or without a link)
  • Headline
  • Body text
  • Call-to-action (button).

Note: Feature areas can be enabled, edited, saved, and then disabled to hide the content until needed.

Select Feature Area 1

Scroll down to the Column 2 section

For each Feature area that is enabled on the page, a set of fields will be enabled to add and format content.

Feature Area 1 Content

Select fields

In the Type section, keep “Build Your Own” selected

Under “Build Your Own” in the include area, check the boxes next to each item you would like added to the feature area. New fields will be added for each item.

Build Your Own Feature Area

Below is a sample of what the page could look like with all four of the Feature Area 1 options enabled in Column 2.

Example Page

Insert an image at the top of the Feature Area

  1. Click Choose File to open the image selection drop menu.
  2. In the Choose a File menu, select one of the following:
    1. Choose an image from the list
    2. Browse to an image you have already uploaded
    3. Search for an image you have already uploaded
    4. Upload an image
  3. Follow the prompts depending on the option you choose.
  4. Click the Choose button in the upper right corner.
Choose Image

  1. Add the required Alt Text: Short description of the image (for accessibility)
  2. If desired, add a caption and link to the image by selecting and completing the following field(s).

Learn more about adding links.

Add a caption or link

Insert a Headline and Content

In the Body section:      

  1. Type (or paste) text into the Headline field. (The text will be formatted automatically.)
  2. Type (or paste) text into the Content (WYSIWYG) field. 

Learn more about entering page content.

Edit Body Content

Call to Action (Button)

Text to display in button: Type or paste a short prompt into this field, (e.g., Register Now, Learn More).

Link: Add a link to the call to action (button) by completing the fields.

Important: The link Title field is required. Enter a short description of the link destination (max 90 characters)

Learn more about adding links.

Add Call to Action

Repeat these steps to for additional feature areas.

Save & Preview

When finished entering content, click the Save & Preview button in the upper right corner of the window.

Save and Preview


Review your page, and if everything looks good, click the Submit button in the upper area of the window.



If you’d like, edit the comments (optional), then click the Check Content & Submit button.

Check Content and Submit

Spell check

A spell check may appear. Fix misspelled words, and then click the check-mark button.

Fix misspellings


If the page is ready to be viewed publicly, publish the folder that contains your page.

Learn more about publishing.

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