Update the Contact Block

The Contact Block is located on each web page, just below the left navigation.

Usually each program/office site has one contact block that feeds to all pages of that site.

The Contact Block

Locate the Contact Block

In Cascade CMS, navigate to your site folder, then open the blocks folder, and click to select the contact block.

Locate the contact block

Edit the Contact Information

Click the Edit link (with the pencil icon) in the top right area of the page.

Edit the Contact Information

Edit the text in each field of the Contact Information section as needed.

Edit text in each field as needed.

Additional phone numbers (e.g., toll-free, fax) can be added by clicking on the green plus (+) icon. To remove an additional phone number that is no longer needed, click the red minus (-) icon. Phone numbers can be reordered using the up and down arrows.

Editing the contact block

Social Media

Links can be added for departmental social media sites by entering the site’s URL in the appropriate social media field.

Social Media


Click the Save & Preview button to save changes to the block.


Publish and Test

Click to select your program/office site’s main folder and publish it by clicking the Publish icon in the top right area of the page.

Publish and test

On the next screen, click the Publish button in the top right corner.

Publish the folder

Open your site in a web browser, refresh the page, and make sure everything looks good.

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