File/System Name

The “File Name” or “System Name” — also known as the page name, folder name, image name, file name, reference name, or link name — becomes part of the web address.

Applies to

All web files including:

  • Web pages
  • Folders
  • Images
  • Documents (PDFs, Word Documents, Excel Files, etc.)
  • Reference links
  • External Links

File/system name labels and related asset types:

Field NameAsset Type
Page Name Web page
Folder Name Folder
File Name Image (JPG, PNG, GIF) or
Document (PDF, DOC(X), XLS(X), etc.)
Reference Name Reference Link
Link Name External Link

What is the File/System name?

The File/System Name field is the file name of the asset (page, folder, image, etc.). It shows in the path name when a file is open in Cascade.

file name

It is also part of the URL (web address) for the web page or asset.

file name

Adding a file/system name

File/System names are typically set when the folder, web page, or other type of asset is created.

file name

Changing a file/system name

For existing assets (pages, folders, files, etc.), the File/System Name can be changed by selecting Rename from the “More” drop menu in the top right corner.

file name

file name

See also:

Best Practices

  • Use all lowercase letters with dashes (-) instead of spaces
    (Example: "Community Life" becomes "community-life").
  • Omit all other punctuation
    (except the period before the file extension)
  • Numbers can also be used in file/system names
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