Import Text from a Different Source

Text can be copied from other sources and pasted into a web page; however, most of these programs add formatting that is meant for a printer.

This hidden formatting can easily be removed before pasting the text on to a web page by using Paste as Text mode.

Copy the text

Copy your text from any program (e.g., MS Word, Google Docs, email message), to your computer’s clipboard (memory) by highlighting the text and clicking the Copy button or Ctrl/C on your keyboard.


Copy Text

Open the page in Cascade CMS

In Cascade CMS, open the web page you wish to edit, and go to edit mode or hover over the content area and click Edit Content to open the in-context editor.

Edit Content

Select the Paste Plain Text option

In the Content editor, click Edit in the drop menu, and select Paste as text.

Paste as Text

Note the blue alert box and close it by clicking the “x” in the right corner.

Paste is now in plain mode


Insert the cursor in the location where you want the text and, Select Edit from the menu, then Paste. Or use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl/V to insert your text.


Once the text has been inserted, format it as needed using the formatting tools in Cascade CMS.

Find more information about formatting text in the How do I… Tutorials.

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