Editing Content Inline

Web pages can be edited directly from the preview screen. This enables editing of the field(s) in one particular region of a page.

Locate and select the page

The page will open in preview mode.

Locate and select the page

Hover and click

Hover your mouse over the area you would like to update and click Edit Content in the popup box. This will display a window that contains editable field(s) in the selected region.

Hover and click

Edit and Save

Edit content in the window, then click Save & Preview.

Edit and save

Review and Submit

Review your changes in the preview window. Click Submit to save, or repeat these steps to edit additional areas on the page.

Review and submit

Comments and Content Check

Enter comments (optional) and click the Check Content button.

Comments and content check

Spell Check

Words not found in the dictionary will be listed on the Spell Check screen. You can modify specific words or leave them set to ignore. Click the check-mark button to continue.

Spell check

Link Check

Internal links will be checked next. If any are found, they will be listed on the Link Check screen. Click the Fix radio button and select the correct link, or click the Back button in the top right corner to return to the page and fix it there. Click the Next button to continue.

Link check


If the changes are ready to be viewed publicly, publish the page.


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