This page has not been updated yet for Cascade CMS, but you should still find some helpful information below. If you have any questions, please contact the Web Applications team.

1. Locate the page you wish to edit. Click the edit tab, to launch the editor tool.

2. Move your mouse in the text where you wish to insert a table.
Select Position for Table

3. Click the table icon in the toolbar.
In the popup window, it is recommended that you leave the width and height fields blank. This will allow the table to be 100% width across your page. If you want a small table, you can enter a width with a value in percentage (e.g., 50%).
Insert a New Table

4. Enter the number of columns and rows you wish to have.
Enter number of rows and columns

5. If you want a border, set the value to 1. In most instances, leave this blank.

6. Cellpadding and cellspacing are attributes that control the padding and spacing in and around the cells. Enter a value or leave blank.
Enter cellpadding and cell spacing

7. The Advanced tab contains additional features that can be manipulated.

8. Once you are satisfied with your settings, hit Insert at the bottom.

You can now add the data into the table.


Notify Web Applications when a table is used, so responsive formatting can be applied.

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