What’s a WYSIWYG?

Pronounced “wiz-ee-wig” — an acronym for “what you see is what you get.”

Cascade CMS word processing functionality allows users to format and edit content like a word processor (e.g., Microsoft Word® or Google Docs).


The WYSIWYG editor includes several features and functions commonly found in standard editors.


Symbol Function Additional Information
Custom Character Insert a Custom Character More information about adding a custom/special character.
subscript Subscript
superscript Superscript
bold Bold Hotkey: Ctrl + B
italics Italics Hotkey: Ctrl + I
underline Underline Hotkey: Ctrl + U
strikethrough Strikethrough
align left Align left
align center Align center
right align Align right
align full Align full (Justify)
styles Styles This is an important aspect of the HTML source code. All content must be styled properly.
format Heading, paragraph formats This is an important aspect of the HTML source code. All content must be formatted correctly. More information about formatting headers.
cut Cut Hotkey: Ctrl + X
copy Copy Hotkey: Ctrl + C
paste Paste Hotkey: Ctrl + V
paste as plain text Past as plain text Removes hidden formatting from text before pasting. Use when pasting in text from a word processor. More information about using the Past as Plain Text tool.
find/replace Find/Replace
spell check Toggle spellchecker/Language selector spell check
unordered list Unordered lists/Bullets
ordered list Ordered/numbered lists
outdent Outdent (reduce the indent)
indent Indent
undo Undo
redo Redo
insert link Insert/Edit link
unlink Unlink
anchor Insert/Edit anchor
Insert/Edit Image Insert/Edit image
Insert/Edit Video Insert/Edit a video Adds a video to the page. More information about adding a video.
Horizontal Rule Horizontal rule Adds a horizontal line into the content. Takes in height, width, and size dimensions. More information about using the Horizontal rule tool.
Insert a new table Inserts a new table More information about inserting and editing tables.
Cleanup Messy Code Cleanup messy code
Remove formatting Remove formatting
HTML Edit HTML source
Toggle guidelines/Invisible elements Toggle guidelines/Invisible elements
Full screen Toggle fullscreen mode Expands the WYSIWYG to the full pane. 
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