Create an Empty Folder

Organizing assets (files, documents and pages) into folders makes them easier to locate and access.

For example, if your site has a large number of images or PDFs, by organizing them into sub-folders, you will be able to locate all of the similar files together.

Important: When creating a new web page, the system will automatically create a new folder and put a web page inside. Learn more about creating new web pages.

Folder Placement

In this tutorial, we will create a sub-folder in the “images” folder to hold a group of related images. Before beginning, make sure the correct location (folder) in the asset tree is selected. The selected folder is where your new folder will be placed. In this case, the placement folder is “images.”

folder placement

Create the Folder

To create an Empty folder, in the top blue navigation menu, click New » Default » Folder.

create the folder

Set the Folder Name

Enter an abbreviation of the folder’s System Name using all lower-case letters. Numbers and dashes may also be used. No spaces or other punctuation.

When creating a folder to organize assets (not a folder for web pages), the remaining fields can be left on their default settings.

set the folder name

Submit to Save

Click the Submit button to finish creating the new folder.

Click submit to save

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