Adding References to the Left Navigation

References are often used to display links in the left navigation menu in other folders than where the page actually resides.

What is a Reference?

  • A reference is a special asset (page, file, etc.) that represents an existing asset in another location
  • By using a reference, a single asset can appear to exist in multiple locations
  • The reference appears in the navigation as if it were in multiple locations, in actuality, it directs back to the original asset.
  • Deleting a reference will have no effect on the referenced asset.

Creating a Reference

Right-click on the asset to be referenced, and select Reference from the context menu.

Select Index

Alternatively, open the asset, then click More » Reference.

Select Reference

Enter a file name for the reference (all lower-case letters, no spaces).

Note: The Title and Display Name for the reference will be pulled from the original asset being referenced.

Enter Reference Name

Find and select a placement folder for the reference.

Choose Placement Folder

Click Choose.

Choose File

Click Submit.


Navigate to the folder where the new reference resides, and publish it. (This will update the left navigation on the live server.)

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