• An anchor allows you to create a link that jumps to a certain location on a web page.
  • Please note that there are some predefined page types (e.g., FAQ page) that will automatically create the anchor links and format the page for you.
  • If you are interested in one of these page types, or if you want lots of anchor links on one page, please contact the Web Development team.

1. Locate the page you wish to add an anchor to, and click the Edit tab.

2. Select the text or image in which to add the anchor. (This is the location to which the jump will go to when the user clicks the link.)
Select Text

3. Click the Insert/edit anchor icon on the toolbar.
Anchor Button

4. In the popup window, enter the name you want to give the anchor and click the Insert button. The anchor link will now be added (An anchor icon will appear next to the text previously selected).

Please note: Anchor names should not contain spaces or other punctuation. For multiple-word anchor names, use the dash/hyphen in the file name instead of spaces.
Insert anchor name

5. Highlight the word or words you wish to turn into an anchor link.
Select item

6. Click the insert web link icon on the toolbar. The insert link window will now open. You will see two tabs – one for internal links and one for external.
Select Link Icon

7. In the internal tab, enter the anchor name (exactly the same as in step #4) in the Anchor field.
Enter Link Anchor

  1. Click the Insert button. The window will close, and the link will be placed around the selected words.

  1. To save changes, click the Submit button at the bottom.

The new anchor(s) will appear on the live web page when it is Published.

Learn more about publishing.

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