Using relevant text

When choosing what text becomes a hyperlink, prepare straight-forward words that will link to the new location. Depending on the word choice, a page can look outdated and unprofessional.

Avoid Using

Instead, Use

In short, the links do not need justification or explanation before linking. As long as the surrounding context is well-written and organized, a phrase or word should be enough to convey the link's purpose.

Opening in New Windows

For any link pointing away from Willamette, choose the option of opening the link in a new window. This means that the user will still have a tab or window open for the Willamette page they were just visiting, and helps to keep them oriented.

For links that point to internal downloads (such as pdf files), it is recommended that a new window is opened.

For any internal links, the page should open in the same window.

File Links

For normal pages, file links should typically display the extension next to the link.

This helps users know that the link is a file download and whether or not their computer has the software to open the file.

Avoid Using

"View the schedule"

Instead, Use

"View the schedule (pdf)"

Login Links

For links that connect to pages that require a login, it is strongly recommended that the link indicates this.

Avoid Using

"Student Grades"

Instead, Use

"Student Grades (login required)"

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