Formatting a Link as a Button

When the “button” class is applied to a link, it turns it into a call-to-action button. On the Willamette site, call-to-action buttons are blue with white text.

Best Practices

  • Button text should be action-oriented and begin with a strong verb like "Register" or "Download"
    • Good examples: “Register Now” or “Learn More” or “Download the Presentation
    • Don’t use “Click Here” for button text
  • Button text should be brief, one or two words is best (not more than five)
  • Use the button style sparingly and only on text that is on a line by itself, not within a paragraph.  

Good example:
Register now

Bad example:
New students can Register now for fall classes.

Make a Button

First, follow the instructions on adding or editing a link.

In the Insert/Edit Link window, click the Class drop down menu and select Button.

Select Button Type

Click the Insert button to save settings.

Insert Button

The link will be blue and have an underline in the WYSIWYG view.

Select Text

Submit to save changes. The button will show in View mode.



Apply the button class to paragraph text. If it’s applied to text that is formatted as a heading, a small light blue (mostly invisible) arrow will show to the right of the button text.

Set as Paragraph
Willamette University


Waller Hall, 4th Floor
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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