Locate and select the page containing the link that needs updating, and click the Edit button.

Locate and select the page

In the Page Content area, locate the link.

This will appear in the Editor as text that is cyan/blue colored. Place the cursor anywhere inside the linked text (do not highlight/select the text).

Place the cursor in the center part of the text.

The link icons (to link or remove the link) should automatically light up, indicating that the text is currently connected to a link.

Click on the Insert/Edit Link icon to adjust the link path.

Click the insert/edit link icon on the toolbar.

The Insert/Edit Link window will now open. You will see two buttons – one for internal links and one for external.

Depending on the original link location, the window will select the button whether this was linked internally or externally.

If the new link location is outside of Cascade, follow the steps for linking externally. If the new link location is a page inside Cascade (on the Willamette website), follow the steps as you would for linking internally.

When the link location has been changed, click OK.

Click the OK button.

The window will close, and the hyperlink will be updated with the new link path (the linked text should appear the same as before).

Click the button in the top right corner, then Check Content and Submit.

Check Content and Submit

If a Spell Check appears, correct the necessary text and hit the ✓ top right corner.

spell check

The link is now updated with the new URL.

Reminder: The link will not change on the web site until the page is Published.

Learn more about publishing.

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