We are in the process of updating the WebEdit documentation. Though, some of the content below might still be applicable to your needs.

What is an asset tree?

The asset tree is the list of assets (files, pages, folders) located at the very left side bar. In Willamette's WebEdit system, the Base folder is top asset located in the tree, however, the bulk of Willamette's assets are located inside the folder www.willamette.edu.

How to navigate through the asset tree

The easiest way to understand the asset tree is to see it like the www.willamette.edu folder contains all the assets, like it would if it were a normal folder on your desktop.

To see what assets are kept inside, the simplest way is using the + and - icons, next to it's folder.

Note that nothing has been selected yet (an asset is selected when it is highlighted in blue). By using the + and - icons, you can navigate quickly through the asset tree without having to select every folder to open it. Although there are hundreds of assets listed in certain folders, they are arranged alphabetically, so finding a specific asset is a simple task.

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