Save as Draft

Drafts are separate entities form the current page, used for content that is incomplete or needs review before officially saving over (submitting) the current page's content. If the revisions are not needed, the draft can simply be discarded, not affecting the current page's content.

Save a draft

  • Click the Edit tab
  • In the Content pane at the bottom of the page, click Save Draft
Save Draft

Benefits of Save as Draft

  • Users do not lose changes to an asset when viewing or editing other assets
  • Allows multiple users to edit a single asset at once
  • Edits/changes are saved in the database and not reflected in the current version of the asset, so that edits/changes are not published by automated publishes
  • Users editing an asset that has a draft saved by another user will be able to save their own draft, but not submit the asset for publishing.

Additional Notes on Save as Draft

  • Drafts of assets may be deleted at any time by loading the draft and discarding
  • If an asset or its folder is deleted or recycled, all drafts of that asset will be permanently deleted

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