Renaming an asset (file or page).

In this example, the pdf file ("2013workflow.pdf") needs to be renamed.

When the file name changes, the file's url path also changes.

Going from this:

to this:

This may seem insignificant, but any pages that link to this file will not automatically update the link unless re-published.

One asset (file or page) can be linked in many different places.

In some cases, files and pages are referenced in different departments, making it tricky to keep track of all the locations the asset is being linked.

Renaming without re-publishing related assets cause broken links.

If the file is renamed without publishing the pages listed in the Relationships section, their links to the file will not use the revised name. As a result, they will all connect to the old url path. Since the file name has changed (altering the original url in the process), this path no longer exists. Thus, any page linked to it will be connected to a broken link.

Use the Relationships tab after renaming the asset.

Avoid this issue by clicking on the Relationships tab after the file is renamed. If the file is connected to any pages, they will be listed in this section. 

Click the "Publish all relationships" option above this list.

The pages will re-publish and update the file url path with the revised name.

Note: If nothing is listed here, then the asset does not have any related pages (apart pages that are automatically listed in the Left Navigation).

Be sure to use this tool every time after an asset is renamed, moved or deleted.

The Relationships tool will make sure that files and pages stay connected and will help keep content current and always up-to-date.

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