Accidents happen, and deleted assets (files, pages, folders) have a location they are temporarily stored in if the asset needs to be brought back.

Similar to a computer Trash Can, WebEdit has a Recycle Bin in which deleted assets are stored temporarily (for 15 days).

1. To access the Recycle Bin, click on the Home tab in the top blue navigation bar.
Home tab

2. At the Dashboard Homepage, click on the Recycle Bin icon or the Recycle Bin tab (Both link to the Recycle Bin).
Recycle Bin Tab

3. A list will appear showing the recently deleted assets done by you, and possibly other users.
The list sorts the assets alphabetically in the "Name" column.
Recycle Bin List

4. The date and time of the deletion is listed under the column "Deleted On".
Date Deleted

5. The "Deleted By" column indicates what users have deleted which asset.
User Deleted By

6. The "Original Location" column displays the previous location that the asset was located within Webedit.
Original Location

7. After locating the asset you wish to restore, click on the green arrow icon next the column with its Original Location.
Restore Button

8. If you wish to restore multiple items on the list, you can use the left-hand boxes to check off the items you wish to restore.
Select multiple to restore

9. After the desired assets are checked off, go to the drop-down menu and select "Restore". This will apply to any assets on the list checked off.
Restore from Recycle

10. A confirmation page will appear, click Submit.
Are you sure you want to restore?

11. A new page will appear showing that the restoration was successful. A link to the asset will appear display what was just restored.
Restored Item Path

12. If the restored asset was a folder containing multiple assets inside it, the folder will be shown under "Restored Folder". A list below will display the assets inside that were also restored.
Restored Folder Path

13. Click on the asset to return to it's original location in WebEdit.
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