All Willamette student organizations have the ability to create and manage their own website using the same tool used to maintain Willamette's web presence, Cascade CMS. This resource is available to all official clubs/organizations and is hosted by Willamette.

Getting Started

Before a new web site in Cascade CMS can be created, each student organization will need to:

Step 1

Identify one or more individuals to serve as the organization's “webmaster(s).”

The webmaster(s) will be responsible for entering in all of the website content, as well as making regular updates. The role should be given to someone who is comfortable with online navigation, and is willing to learn new interfaces.

Step 2

Have the webmaster(s) register for a Cascade CMS training session

If possible, try to schedule a session time that all the webmasters in your organization can attend. This will help clarify who is responsible for what area of the website, and your group will be able to figure out the best way to regularly update content. Once a webmaster from your group has attended the Cascade CMS training, they will be granted access to the student org website, and can login to Cascade CMS at any time.

Step 3

Create a visual identity for your organization's website

There are 24 site templates for your group to choose from; 4 page layouts and 4 color schemes. After reviewing the samples listed, decide as a group which layout and color scheme combination works best (ex. layout 3 with color option). Your group will also need to decide if you want to create a “header” banner image and/or a square icon placed above the left navigation. The dimensions of these images can be found in this section.

Step 4

Work with your organization to write some content for the website.

Here are some prompts to help your group get started:

  • Who are the leaders in your organization (i.e. president, treasurer, academic advisor, etc.)? Do you want to include pictures for each person?
  • Does you organization have a sizable listing of club members? Do you need an additional page to list everyone (not directly involved in club management)?
  • Does your group want to post regular event information? If so, list the event entries to add on the website.
  • Are there pictures you want feature in a photo gallery? If so, someone in your group familiar with photo editing will need to change the image to the two gallery sizes (full and thumb) beforehand. We also have a photoshop action script that will automatically size your images.
  • Will your club post regular news announcements (more than once a semester)?
  • Do you need a section for club minutes or other documentation? Are the files ready to upload?
  • Are there additional pages that need to be created? If so, what is their purpose on the site? What are the pages going to be titled?

It is not expected that your club have all the content ready to go, but preparing it ahead of time will make the webmaster's job a lot easier – and help ensure that everything important goes up quickly.

Step 5

Have the webmaster(s) add in the new content and make the site configurations.

After determining what pages your site needs, have your webmaster(s) add the content to the specialized pages (these are pre-built for you).

The pre-built page types include:

  • About Us
  • Contact Info
  • Calendar of Events
  • Photo Galleries
  • Member Roster
  • News

If your organization finds that one or more of these pages are not needed, contact Marketing & Communications to have them removed (we can always bring them back later).

The webmaster(s) will also need to update site configurations to change the site's layout and color scheme.

How each organization's site grows from there will depend upon the time, energy, and creativity of its webmaster(s) to create additional content and keep the info up-to-date. There are a number of online tutorials to provide guidance to the webmaster(s) for working with the Cascade CMS system. Additionally, the MarCom Web Development team is available to help answer any website-related questions that may come up.

Taking over a pre-existing website

If your organization already has a website, but no longer has someone administering it, your group will need to identify the new webmaster(s). From there, your group can follow the same steps listed above.

Removing a website

If your group is no longer active or uses a different website (than the one in Cascade CMS), contact Marketing & Communications to remove its online presence. You should also inform Student Engagement & Leadership to update their student org listing.

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