Welcome to the Office of Community Education


The college experience can be wonderful: meeting new people, developing your academic interests and skills, growing as an individual.

But some aspects of college can be hard to navigate by yourself: That's why we are here!

Our primary foci are creating safer communities (including bystander intervention, sexual violence prevention), healthy sexuality and helping students navigate the challenges associated with alcohol/other drugs.

Our office provides engaging opportunities throughout the year, including trainings, workshops, programs and volunteer opportunities.

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Our staff (comprised of professional staff members, graduate and undergraduate interns and student volunteers) are here to help all members of our Willamette community get the tools and information necessary to be fully successful.


The Office of Community Education at Willamette University serves to encourage and empower the University community to live healthier lives. Our staff is committed to facilitating the academic and co-curricular education of students by providing engaging, accessible and high quality wellness programming and services.

We support a wide range of educational opportunities to encourage and promote the development of wellness, leadership and citizenship skills that our students can use both in their time with us at Willamette, and in their lives after graduation.