Welcome to Counseling Services

We provide short-term counseling services for students experiencing a range of concerns such as stress, anxiety, identity development, depression, problem solving, oppression, relationship concerns, adjustment, values clarification, and family conflict, among others.

We endeavor to serve as many students as possible, and are a good resource for students needing intermittent counseling support during the academic year.  If students want to regularly see the same provider over time, they will likely be referred to a provider in the community. 


To schedule an appointment, visit our office or call 503-370-6471. If you need an appointment urgently, please let the front desk know you are requesting an immediate appointment.

All counseling appointments in Counseling Services are free of charge.  This includes intake appointments, follow-ups, walk-ins, and crisis appointments.  If an assessment for medication is indicated and desired, we may facilitate a referral to a provider in the community.  

We require 24 hour cancellation for all scheduled appointments in Counseling Services. A $25 No Show Fee will be assessed and billed to your student account for any missed appointments.  Missing two consecutive appointments may result in administrative action to determine your continuance in counseling.  

Bishop Wellness Center does not provide "notes" for absences from class.  If you unable to attend class, please communicate with your professor to make up any missed work at your earliest convenience.

All discussion with the counselor is strictly confidential.

Mind Spa

Refresh the senses and melt away your stress in Bishop Wellness Center's Mind Spa. In our private room, you will find a multi-function and fully reclining leather massage chair, full spectrum light, and bio-feedback computer program where you can learn to moderate your stress response through several interactive video games. It's a great respite from the everyday demands of being a Willamette student. You can reserve your half hour in the Mind Spa by calling or stopping by the front desk. Take some time to take care of yourself! And best of all, sessions in the Mind Spa are free to students!

*Schedule your FREE 30 Minute Appointment for the Mind Spa by calling or stopping by the front desk at Bishop Wellness Center. 

Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

The staff and providers of Counseling Services and Bishop Wellness Center are committed to creating a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment for all.  This includes students who access our services as well as all individuals who are part of larger Willamette community. 

We view diversity as encompassing intersecting identities, including ethnic/racial identity, nationality, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion/spirituality, socioeconomic status, age, body shape/size, ability, and point of view.  We endeavor to make Counseling Services a place where individuals can strengthen their self-acceptance, confidence, and comfort with their own individual identities.

We celebrate the differences among individuals as valuable and essential to the strengthening of our community and to the enrichment of the lives of our students.  We acknowledge that this is a work in progress which will continue to evolve.

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