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Salve! (/ ˈsælvi/ )  γειά σου!  (ʝa SOU/ )  שלום    (/ʃaˈlom/)

Welcome to the Classics Page! Here you will find every antiquity your heart desires!

There are resources for every classical language offered here at Willamette University, along with enthusiastic staffers who will help you find solutions for Ancient Greek, Ancient Hebrew, and even Latin language problems. At the DLS, the Classics stand among the modern romance languages in every respect.

The DLS offers various software programs such as Rosetta Stone, Bibleworks and Gramma for your independent language learning.

Bring some friends and come over to the Digital Learning Studio (Ford 101) to check out our new Classics board games!

LLC Classics Blog

The Sportula: Microgrants for Classicists Happy beginning of fall semester, everyone! A reminder that, as the new school year begins, many students struggle not only to engage with difficult material and challenging questions, but also to pay for books, fees, and, often, even basic necessities. (A whopping 36% of undergraduates lack food and housing security.) The Sportula is a collective working to provide […]

Upcoming Lecture: Tools, Language, and the Evolution of the Human Mind Thursday,  4/13/2017, 7:30 pm Room: 201 — Paulus Lecture Hall Kathleen Gibson University of Texas (School of Medicine) Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace, co-discoverers of the principle of evolution by natural selection, held starkly contrasting views about the origins of the human mind. Wallace considered the human mind to be qualitatively distinct from that of […]

Upcoming Lecture: Mesa of Sorrows: Archaeology, History, and the Ghosts of Avat’ovi Pueblo   Please join us on Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. for Mesa of Sorrows: Archaeology, History, and the Ghosts of Avat’ovi Pueblo Prof. James F. Brooks (University of California, Santa Barbara) Paulus Lecture Hall Room 201, College of Law, Willamette University, 245 Winter Street SE, Salem, Oregon The Hopi community of Awat’ovi existed […]

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