Resources for Japanese Students

These are very brief descriptions and do not take into consideration the specific attributes of each resource; please stop by the Language Learning Center where our staff will be able to assist, or email us at - A dictionary that provides the etymology, or origin, of Japanese words. An excellent dictionary that also provides pronunciation audio and example sentences.

Denshi Jisho - Three dictionaries in one! Traditional En-Jp/Jp-En dictionary plus a kanji dictionary that lets you look up characters by radical or stroke count AND an example sentence dictionary to help you learn words or phrases in context. Comprehensive example sentence dictionary. Make a free account and you can create and save vocabulary lists of words you study.
オンライン辞書・辞書リンク一覧 : For intermediate/advanced students. A collection of Online Japanese-Japanese Dictionaries
三省堂 Web Dictionary Japanese-Japanese Dictionary
The Counting Dictionary, a Dictionary of Japanese Counters Useful for studying how to count in a language without plurals.

Reading Tutorial Toolbox - Copy and paste Japanese text and the site will dissect and explain the text to you. and - Surf Japanese web pages with a study tool that will translate the text you put the mouse over into Hiragana (if it is Kanji) and then give English explanations.

Rikaichan: Browser Add-on for Firefox users. Similar, this add-on gives you a quick and easy way to find out the reading or definition of Japanese text. There is also a names dictionary available. Download - Quizlet is a flashcard website where users may either create their own flashcards or choose from millions of other sets already created. There are several ways to study your flashcards, including multiple choice tests or study games. You can even add images or listen to audio files for individual words. It is easy to create and share material and Quizlet is good for studying almost any subject!


Kanji Alive

Kanji Worksheet

Kanji Clinic

In the LLC - The computers in the lab have been equipped with a keyboard layout with different input options for Katakana and Hiragana that is helpful for word processing when you are writing a paper, class presentation, or researching on the Japanese web.

Nakama 1 and 2

Nakama 1 Learning Tools

Tutoring - Get essay help, ask grammar questions and practice your language skills with native Japanese speakers! Click “Sign-up” on the left side of WISE to schedule an appointment with your language assistant.

****Online Japanese Language Study Materials

****NIHONGO eな - Portal for Learning Japanese - A collection of online resources for Japanese Learners. LOTS of stuff here! Covers all levels of study and a wide range of areas.

Mixxer - Through Skype, you can be matched up with a native speaker, who is also interested in learning English. Don’t stress, you’re both sharing and learning!
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